NT 2011 Day 1

Well it’s the end of day one. Most of our day was taken up by traveling. Darwin was wet and muggy today but only about 26 degrees. Much to our surprise most of the shops were closed by 4PM. When we asked a local which night is late night shopping night, the response was “I don’t think we have that up here in the territory”. I guess they’re on tropical time…. It was quite different in Thailand, there was no one around until after lunch, then the place was busy until midnight. Even the shops and street side stalls were open. The only “street food” I’ve found so far was a stall selling sausages in a piece of bread, Mmmmm….Pass on that one.

The girls found the “wildlife” a bit confronting. There was a rowdy mob in a stairwell of the hotel we are staying in who had been busy drinking and chroming before we passed. Every other dry corner is occupied by someone making a bed for the night.

Tomorrow we are off to the Parap markets and the other attractions nearby. My initial reaction is that I will have to work hard to bring home some stunning shots. Fresh eyes tomorrow might show this place in a whole new light. A bit of sunshine won’t hurt either.

We have to pay for our internet access by the minute, so Skype is off.

All the best

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