NT 2011 Day2

Today we spent a busy day exploring some of the attractions around Darwin. We started off at the Parap markets but met our match with all the wonderful food (We’d just finished a huge breakfast at the motel). Leaving the markets we headed off to see the Fannie Bay Gaol, museum and art gallery. That was enough to work up an appetite so we headed back to the Parap markets for some satay sticks and mango smoothies. The delicious smells coming out of that place were amazing. After lunch we checked out Danielle’s old school and a couple of the houses she lived in while living here. We also squeezed in a visit to the old QANTAS hanger which is now used by a few motoring clubs as a workshop and storage for their collection. It’s a real man-cave, and the guys milling around looked pretty happy with their lot. The hanger, which was part of the old Darwin airport, has quite a bit of history and a few real bullet holes from the war to add to the character.

Afterwards the kids went for a swim then we headed to East point to photograph the sunset. There were none of the stunning colours Darwin is well known for, but the incoming storm dished up some dramatic skies. I felt a bit short on focal length only having brought my 85mm 1.4D. I had packed the 180mm F2.8D in Canberra, but pulled it out of the camera bag before we left thinking it was an unnecessary burden. That was a silly move, the 180mm was purchased to travel with me so I could leave the 70-200mm F2.8 at home. That lens is way too big to pack for holidays!

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