One Response to “Canberra”

  1. kent mccoy says:

    Greatly admire your work–I lived and worked in Canberra from around 1970-1980 as a landscape architect for the then National Capitol Development Corporation. I put a lot of effort into the then emerging new city of Tuggeranong. I eventually had a book published by Elsevier of work that I did during those years called Landscape Planning for a New Australian Town(Google that and you will get half a dozen links) to a largely out of print book. I’m thinking of doing a second edition that wold involve a revisit of how the project turned out and I will give full credit to any great photo’s of schools,parks,centers, etc in Tuggeranong. My first book for example, is in 134 universities worldwide so you stand to get some serious exposure if I can get a second version off the ground. Let me knows if you have any interest in having your work in a publication of this type.Also appreciate any contacts of photog’s who might also be interested in same.
    Best of wishes and thanks in advance for any help rendered.
    Kent McCoy BSLA RLA(Florida)