NT 2011 Day 6 (Litchfield or Bust)

Well we finally made it. It was a long day, lot’s of spectacular scenery and lots of great photos.

Todays POTD is Tolmer Falls in the middle of Litchfield National Park. Being right at the end of the wet season, there is a lot of water around. Wangi Falls in particular is flowing really well. The falls haven’t been cleared of crocodiles yet and while photographing there, I was up to my ankles in water, when all of a sudden a wave came across the water towards me, I nearly jumped out of my skin!

The police are a bit more proactive here in NT. I was pulled over for a breath test in the middle of Litchfield National Park. I didn’t expect that, but I’m glad they are doing their best to keep the roads safe.

One Response to “NT 2011 Day 6 (Litchfield or Bust)”

  1. Linton says:

    Was it a croc?